Thursday, June 26, 2008

#23, The Maltese Falcon

So I have been faithfully renting 2 classic flicks each weekend in my attempt at tackling the AFI's Best 100 Films list [as mentioned in a previous post]....

I have been dangerously lacking in my endeavor of doing a sketch after watching each film....OH I have so many idears, and yet, so little time. Hmm. Make time, I must make time!

Well, tonight was a good try. I put all freelance and other aside for a mere hour whilst I sat down and sketched out a few storyboards from The Maltese Falcon. Who doesn't love black and white flicks? And who doesn't love them WITH Humphrey Bogart? In all his smug bad-boy glory.

I only took a few minutes at these - I remember doing this exercise in first year with Maury Whyte, our storyboarding prof - he would pause it on a scene from North by Northwest or something of the sort, while we would madly sketch the scene in one minute. Ack, the madness of wildly drawing! And in first year, it was wildly :)

Here's my homage to first year days.
And really, it's just kinda fun! In a messy sorta way.


aleash said...

stacey i love these!!! man this is such a good idea to start doing again! look at you just busting out all this work!! good job!

Stacey Chomiak said...

thanks aleash!! i feel like it was just all messy and all over the place, but a fun way to analysze so many of the scenes! we should do it next yr!