Friday, October 3, 2008

Set the Tone

This week in Life Drawing, Bobby had us purely focus on tone and shadow - so much so that we had to draw all of our poses ONLY using shapes of the shadows, no linework. Sound wasn't! Without blocking in your drawing, things can get out of proportion SO easily unless you concentrate like a crazy monkey. [Don't ask.]

So, call me a crazy monkey, but although it was reeealllllllly challenging, I loved trying to see things more as abstract shapes of tone and shadow and not, 'Oh that's a leg, or an arm, or a shoe,'....I can see how this will definitely help the strength of my drawing skillz if I keep on practicin'!

I tried out what I learned by putting one of my fav films in, Singin in the Rain, and doing a couple quick watercolours by painting tone only. [see below!]

How can you NOT love Gene Kelly??


Tracy Guest said...

Okay, did I mention you are fantastic? Really, did I?

OH man Stacer, your drawings rock...Like really rock...I mean....uh...gotta go....

You go girlie-o!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Tracers!! You always know when to gimme some of the ol' Traceroni encouragement potion!!

PHEW that stuff is potent!

Tanks girlie-girl!!