Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To Kill a Mockingbird

Moving forward on tackling the AFI's Top 100 films....I screened To Kill a Mockingbird and did a bit of a longer watercolour study...prob 30 mins-ish. I was focusing more on tones again, but this time I blocked out the structures. I think because of the structure, this turned out better than the Singin in the Rain studies.

I fundamentally enjoyed this film...great acting, surprisingly captivating...definito enjoy-ito.

Gotta love those sweater vests. They never really go out of style, do they?

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Anonymous said...

I totally remember watching this movie in English class and being the only kid in class who understood it.

Gregory Peck can say so much with his face without even parting his lips.

Totally one of the best movies ever.

Is It's a Wonderful Life on that list? Because it should be. And Jimmy Stewart does the same thing, mucho face-talking in that movie.

Or one of my personal favorites - An Affair to Remember. I can NOT watch that movie without sobbing uncontrollably. Beautifully acted, gorgeously filmed. Just a great, great emotionally resonant movie.

Loves the bloggin'. Muchos gracias, Chomperina.