Monday, May 18, 2009

Finished Sheridan? I'm goin' to Disneyland!

Moi rarin' to get going, Tom & Jerry in tow!

Tams is right behind me on her suped up motorcycle!

Tams and I have been planning a grad road trip celebration for what feels like EONS, and now it's almost upon us!!

These last few weeks have been INSANE with getting the film complete, finishing exams, portfolio and other classes, getting prepped for Industry Day, packing up my Oakville life and moving it all temporarily back to we are in need of some good ol' fashioned fun in the sun!

We don't have a definite timeline [more like, until the money runs out!], but we plan to see & do as much as we can, maybe visit some studios along the way, I'll paint as much as possible - and most of all, CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, c'mon! :)

Here's our planned route, if anyone has any suggestions or tips, feel free to leave comments!

Winnipeg > Sioux Falls, South Dakota [Mount Rushmore] > Flaming Gorge, Wyoming > Moab, Utah [Arches National Park] > Flagstaff, Arizona [Grand Canyon] > Anaheim, California [Disneyland!] > San Diego, California > San Francisco, California [Redwood National Park] > Portland, Oregon > Seattle, Washington > Billings, Montana > Fargo, North Dakota > back home to Winnipeg

We leave Wednesday morning, I can't wait!! I'll post sketches along the way!

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