Monday, February 26, 2007

Whoo doggie, the saloon is in colour.

Today, even though it is Spring Break...I am forcing myself to work on stuff so I don't fall waaaaaayyyyyyyyeeee behind when we get back next week.

So...that means first cleaning up loose ends on projects I just couldn't get to last week, then tackling the huge ones due next week.

Here's the saloon from previous posts....'tis coloured. It took forever to get the right colour tones and balance all the objects in the room....not to mention it was rather annoying going from school to home due to the massive change in contrasts for no apparent reason.

Grr. Don't get me started on PC > Mac frustrations.

Yippe-kay-yay, I think it's done-o!

I shalt post some fun Oscar sketching lata.


Brad said...

Very nice, the coloring adds a whole new dimension.

My hope is that you're typing of "PC > Mac" was not some sort of subconcious statement (as in the > being used as a greater than symbol).

And finally, can you even believe that Cars didn't win? I haven't seen Happy Feet, but seriously.....

(At least Barnyard didn't win (or get nominated). This is my mom watching the movie "That cow, named Otis, HE has an udder. And HIS DAD also had an udder." It's called research people....there are no male cows.)

Tamzeo said...

Where are the Oscar pics??? I waaaaannntttt to see the Oscar pics. Post them. Or else.

Stacey Chomiak said...

hahahaha, tamzeo :)

I was waiting til you said something.

I am still working on them.... I shalt post soonly.

Me promise!

mme blueberry said...

Wow~ love the lighting!! Fabulous!